The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande

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I also made a boiled bread pudding with raisins in it. In , the year Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday, newspapers all over the West contained ads for Thanksgiving balls, suppers and other celebratory events. Prepare your turkeys and cranberry sauce. One Nebraska merchant used Thanksgiving to sell his merchandise. Menu items from restaurants to home tables included many of the traditional favorites we still enjoy today—fare such as turkey, cranberry sauce and mince, apple and pumpkin pies.

Even the prisoners at San Quentin celebrated Thanksgiving. Their gala at the California prison, decorated with flags, flowers and evergreen, began with a ball the night before, where they entertained by playing violins, guitars, an accordion and a banjo. Description: A non-stop party throughout the downtown area, this street festival is a fantastic way to spend the 4th of July weekend in El Paso.

For kids, the best part of the street festival can be found inside the El Paso Convention Center where a variety of fun rides, games, and live entertainment take place. This festival is a great time to come to a better understanding of the unique El Paso music scene and the enjoyable local Tejano genre.

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Description: Every year, this variety show is performed by soldiers, for other soldiers as well as the wider El Paso and Fort Bliss communities. This unique Fort Bliss event is a rare opportunity to support the troops through the stylings of amateur artists with a passion for music, dance, and performing. Description: Carlsbad Caverns in nearby Carlsbad, New Mexico, is home to one of the largest domestic bat colonies in the United States.

At this annual breakfast, you will get the rare chance to watch these remarkable nocturnal animals as they dive into the cave entrance after a night outside feeding on insects. Admission to watch the bats is free, but seats for the breakfast must be reserved in advance and costs vary.

City: El Paso, TX. Description: Get ready for all things creepy crawly, as the young and the young-at-heart are sure to enjoy this bug-tastic event at El Paso Zoo. Detailed profile of El Paso, TX. In those days, political disagreements were fought out in newspapers affiliated with the rival parties, often by anonymous correspondents.

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While those newspapers affiliated with President Jefferson trumpeted the return of the Lewis and Clark expedition in September and heaped praise on the homecoming heroes, not everyone was impressed, and some even resorted to barbed satire. Barlow was a Republican politician, diplomat and writer whose claim to fame was producing bombastic poetry extolling the glory of the young American nation. Barlow was best know for his epic poem, The Vision of Columbus: a poem in nine books , which was published in , thanks to subscriptions he had received from people as distinguished as King Louis XVI of France, the Marquis de Lafayette, and George Washington.

This page monster not only praised Christopher Columbus, but provided an entire landscape of America —political, social, and geographic — and instructed its citizens on how best to appreciate their country. In , Barlow had returned to this theme, this time with a volume poem called The Columbiad , an epic vision of the rise of freedom in the New World.

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The premise of the poem is Christopher Columbus looking down from heaven and praising Lewis as the hope of a new millennium for the United States. Apologies to our readers, but I cannot resist including the whole of it here. We shall drag their dark regions to light.

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The flat roof is supported by cotton-wood rafters vigas , saplings and thatch. Its principal elevation is marked by a distinctive inset gallery portal , hence the name Los Portales. Pedimented lintels on the window and door frames, along with milled wood supports, display the best example of Territorial Style on the tour. Senator The building was converted into apartments in the late s and later served as offices for the San Elizario Independent School District.

Presidio soldiers provided protection for travelers and settlers of nearby villages, usually from hostile native tribes. The fort itself was surrounded by double adobe walls measuring 13 feet tall by seven feet wide.

Within the fort were quarters for officers and barracks for soldiers, family residences, a chapel, corrals and storerooms. The presidio was abandoned by the mids and, over time, most physical evidence of the presidio walls has disappeared. A common practice among local settlers was to use adobe bricks from the presidio to build their own homes. Many of the structures on the walking tour are believed to contain portions of the original presidio. Stop 3. The plaza, along with the adjacent chapel, was the center of presidio and community life. San Elizario Plaza remains today a place that hosts festivals, political rallies and other events.

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The plaza is dedicated to the many military veterans that call San Elizario home. The benches throughout the plaza pay tribute to some of the original settlers of San Elizario and were dedicated on behalf of their descendents. The kiosko gazebo , although remodeled several times, is one of the most recognizable structures in the town.

Take time to read the numerous historical markers located throughout the plaza. Janet Esta Protzman constructed this building in Territorial Style in on the site of the original county courthouse complex of The theater played host to traveling shows and local performances. The massive wooden doors are the original gates of the walled Mexican village of Lagunilla, Michoacan, and once measured 18 feet tall.

Edward Lafayette owned the building in , which is near the presumed northern entrance of the presidio and may date to that period. San Elizario was the largest, most prosperous town in the area and became the county seat. The adobe building before you was chosen to house the first jail. Commissioners Court approved the purchase of prefabricated wrought iron cage cells able to hold six prisoners.

They were manufactured in Chicago and survive to this day. The rear of the building may have formed part of the original defensive wall of the presidio. The jail continued to be used until the s, even after the county seat moved to El Paso. In the fall of , the Kid left from Mesilla, New Mexico to break his friend out of the jail. Although there is no official documentation to support the claim, details of the incident are compelling and the event itself is generally acknowledged as approaching the truth.

A manuscript written in by Charles Rudolph a member of Pat Garrett's posse, that captured the Kid in December states that, "Billy the Kid in Mesilla learned that his friend Melquiades Segura had been arrested in San Elizario. He then set out on horseback and arrived in San Elizario about three o'clock in the morning. He knocked on the door of the jail, waking up one of the guards, who asked, 'Who is it?

He then relieved the other guard of his gun, found the key to the cell, released Segura, locked the two jailers in the cell and threw away the keys.

The very first Thanksgiving : pioneers on the Rio Grande (Book, ) []

Varying in width from two to six miles, El Paso's Mission Valley was a corridor for movement and agricultural settlement dating to prehistoric times. Once planted with diversified crops that sustained the presidio and the community that remained after its abandonment, surrounding fields are now primarily planted with cotton. Today, irrigation canals follow the same alignments of the historic community ditches, known as acequias. Near the presumed northern entrance of the presidio, this building is of unusual size and shape and may date to late 18th or early 19th century Spanish and Mexican presidio period.

It housed a general store operated by Ismael Ochoa around It was later acquired by Joaquin Salazar and operated as a store, family dance hall, cantina and handball court during the early s. Stop 9. Beginning in , the town also assumed an important role for east-west stagecoach travel on the San Antonio-El Paso road, and later with the Butterfield-Overland Mail Line between St. Louis, Missouri, and San Francisco, California. This building may have been constructed near the main entrance to the presidio.

After the presidio was finally abandoned in the mids, the property was acquired by Jesus Lujan. On it, he constructed a large hacienda encompassing the existing structure and adjacent field.

The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande
The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande
The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande
The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande
The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande
The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande The Very First Thanksgiving: Pioneers on the Rio Grande

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