The Story in Your Eyes

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But fans heard it differently. Is this a song I've heard before? So the show's producers decided: You know what? This song rules. In the next season, it became Cyborg's favorite song — even if fellow Titans didn't agree with his taste.

B.E.R. - The Night Begins To Shine (Teen Titans Go!) - Official Music

The song's popularity grew online. On YouTube, fans started playing the song over other cartoons. Next came remixes, and that sure-sign symbol of an online hit: hour-long loops. This month — and here's where that corporate overlord plotting starts to kick in — Cartoon Network decided to go all-in and air a four-part series about the song.

They released an EP. And that's how B. R ended up on the rock charts, beating out radio rock bands The Lumineers and Muse. Carl Burnett, the "B" in B. He's the one who got the assignment in to write an '80s-style song for a music library. And he's as surprised as anyone by its success.

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I asked him what it was like to have an accidental hit — which, admittedly, is probably not the best way to phrase a question to a songwriter. Luckily, Burnett wasn't offended. The night begins to shine. When we're dancing the night begins to shine. So I literally - I went into the '80s rock genre and started rummaging through these albums and found it. You know, and I was like, oh, dude, this song's awesome.

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That is, until Here's "Teen Titans Go! Our aim is to document the complete story of change within each community—with both the beautiful and painful aspects that are inherent to community change and human interaction. The Constellation began its work in For more than a decade we have worked with communities and organizations throughout the world so that they become aware of their capacity to deal with their challenges and to pursue their common dream. In this process we have learnt a lot from them and it is our intention to continue to accompany them. However, now that we have collected many positive experiences and outcomes, we recognize that we will not reach a world in which communities take action based on their strengths to achieve their shared dream by creating more and more partnerships.

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We feel the time has come to inspire others to use this approach for themselves and to explore the possibilities they have at hand. We believe film is the best tool available to illustrate the richness inherent in the change process within a community. These are exciting times for creatively linking social programs with the power of visual communication. Images are ubiquitous and the public understanding and reading of these images is increasingly sophisticated. Visual arguments are often both more accessible and more compelling than written, academic-style texts.

We want to use the power of storytelling through film to give very quickly a nuanced sense of the context in which our communities are flourishing. Our aim with this proposal is to raise funds to produce a series of short films so that other communities but also decision makers and individual human beings can feel invited to initiate a similar journey and start applying this human, innovative and appreciative methodology to their specific realities.

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Our aim is that these films will contribute to creating a world where more and more communities will feel safe and equipped to take ownership of their challenges. Also we hope that leaders and decision-makers around the world start to recognize that solutions are in fact emerging communities themselves. Finally, the act of documenting our story will also help the participating communities to be more conscious of the depth of their experience of the process as they learn and adapt.

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As we invite community members into the story line, they will realize that they are part of an important story, which will, in turn, motivate their positive action even more. En En De Fr. The clock is ticking for our planet.

The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes
The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes
The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes
The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes
The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes
The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes
The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes
The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes
The Story in Your Eyes The Story in Your Eyes

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