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Around the time of the firing, several deputies came forth to launch a lawsuit stating that their bosses were members or had close ties to White Supremacist gangs. This story came and went without too much fan fare in What caught our attention was that the deputies named off one of the gangs within the department known as the Vikings.

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For many of us who have been following this, the Vikings was a name that first surfaced about years ago when members of the group Aztlan Nation did an investigative report for Rap Pages Magazine. It included famed cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz and journalist Esteban Zul who discovered that there where white supremacist gangs within the LA Sheriffs who used names like Vikings and Nomads.

He was emphatic that the Biggie investigation was hindered by rogue cops associated with Death Row Records and the Bloods street gang. Poole went hard on the rogue cops and said they ruined the force. We asked him about the Rap Pages investigation from years prior and brought up the issue of White supremacist gangs within Southern Cali Law enforcement.

Detective Poole bristled at the notion and stated that at one time they were a problem but had been eradicated from the ranks. To hear deputies in filing complaints name check the Vikings White Supremacist gang in was eye-opening and bothersome on a number of levels.

LA Sheriffs Fire 7 Rogue Cops Known as ‘Jump Out Boys’

First there was hardly any coverage of this. Second, in spite what detective Poole told us in that interview, the gang was obviously was still functioning. The unit was made up of two uniformed and two plainclothes squads. We were encouraged to make as many arrests as possible during our shifts. The ultimate goal was a gun arrest, but a high quantity of any arrests would do.

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We stopped just about every adult we saw on the street to check their names for open warrants. We conducted car stops with the intended goal of searching the vehicles. That officer was later terminated.

On a wiretapped phone call, Richburg discussed planting evidence and setting up people to be robbed—a precursor to the GTTF scandal. VCIS had come to the attention of the city council because of their tactics and volume of complaints.

Who Wants to Be a Cop Now?

One of those officers was Fabien Laronde, who had a well-documented history of alleged misconduct including a questionable shooting, stealing, and witness intimidation. He was the subject of civil lawsuits alleging illegal strip searches, assault, and even illegally detaining a man inside a courthouse. These units operate the same way: Small groups of handpicked officers, who are expected to be aggressive and proactive, target high-crime areas of Baltimore and produce a large amount of stops, arrests, and gun seizures.

Unfortunately for the community, neither do many of the officers. Elisabeth Epps Oct 07, Emily Galvin-Almanza Oct 04, Aaron Morrison Oct 03, Sarah Lustbader. Main Menu Get Informed : Subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates, analysis and context straight to your email.

The Jump-Out Boys - COPS The Jump-Out Boys - COPS
The Jump-Out Boys - COPS The Jump-Out Boys - COPS
The Jump-Out Boys - COPS The Jump-Out Boys - COPS
The Jump-Out Boys - COPS The Jump-Out Boys - COPS
The Jump-Out Boys - COPS The Jump-Out Boys - COPS
The Jump-Out Boys - COPS The Jump-Out Boys - COPS
The Jump-Out Boys - COPS The Jump-Out Boys - COPS

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