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Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, which granted the president the authority to negotiate treaties with Native American tribes to give up their lands east of the Mississippi River in exchange for unsettled lands west of the Mississippi.

Clinton Road: A Dark Ride

While some Indians ceded their land and left peacefully, the Cherokee, among other tribes, resisted. In , the Cherokee were forcibly removed by U. Of the four main removal routes used by the tribe, the northern route, from Tennessee to Oklahoma, was followed by the largest group—12, people, according to some estimates. In all, 15, to 16, Cherokee traveled the Trail of Tears, and an estimated 3, to 4, of them died along the way from disease, malnutrition and exposure.

He went on to make his living in farming, real estate and oil, among other ventures, and became a civil leader in Oklahoma. Avery was a participant in the Good Roads Movement, which advocated for improved American roadways the movement was started in the late s by bicyclists and grew during the early s with the arrival of mass-produced automobiles. In , he was involved in founding the U. Roue 66 cartoon map. In , runners traversed the length of Route 66—some 2, miles—as part of a coast-to-coast, 3,mile marathon from Los Angeles to New York.

Nicknamed the Bunion Derby by the press, the grueling event was organized as a promotional stunt by sports agent C. Images should be no more than 1. Click here to upload more images optional. Your Name.

8 Things You May Not Know About Route 66 - HISTORY

Your Location. I am at least 16 years of age. I understand and accept the privacy policy. I understand that you will display my submission on your website. You can preview and edit on the next page. Click on the Florida article of your interest to see what other visitors to this page have written. There were no art appreciation courses for engineers back in the days I attended the University of Florida.

His death brought back memories of the original Tampa Stadium. This represented 10 percent of all the cattle in Florida. The only things I … Click here to write your own. Pets are not allowed. Thousands of motorists go by every … Vernon, Florida. The Movie. Vernon is a small town in the Florida panhandle not too far south of the Alabama border. Jackie Gleason made big news back in when he moved to … Paisley, Florida. A worker said the yacht … Mount Plymouth, Florida.

Al Capone Loved It.

I recently drove from Mount Dora, Florida to nearby Mount Plymouth to see what changes have taken place since I last visited more than thirty years ago. Mary's River and the Florida-Georgia border there was a sleepy little wide spot in the road named Boulogne. Johns River about halfway between Palatka and Deland. Pier 66 means different things to different people depending on whether they are new to Florida or have been around a few years.

He worked for me on one of the soil testing drill rigs that I ran out of Tampa shortly after I graduated from … Click here to write your own.

Tales of the Unexpected 8x03 - Nothin' Short of Highway Robbery

Florida Black Football Pioneers It was not until the late s that major Florida colleges began to allow black athletes on their teams. Here are some of the first. The Galloping Ghost of Indian Lake Estates The most famous American athlete of his time chose to live in this unsuccessful development in the middle of nowhere. Frank Lloyd Wright Child of the Sun. The largest single collection of the great architects buildings are on the campus of Florida Southern College in Lakeland. Kapok Tree This unusual restaurant in Clearwater was one of the most popular destinations in Florida.

It operated from to Petersburg store was like a Walmart before there was a Walmart. It was also a popular tourist attraction from Christo and the Surrounded Islands A floating work of art on Miami's Biscayne Bay may have been a turning point in the city's turbulent history. Florida Snakes Are Usually Harmless. If you are gong to travel or live in Florida it's useful to know what snakes are okay and which are ones to be afraid of. A Land Remembered Patrick Smith wrote this classic historical novel about three generations of a Florida pioneer family. What Is A Florida Cracker? Be careful who you call a cracker.

Some Floridians might hate it, but in some parts of Florida it's a badge of honor. The Packard set out from San Francisco on June 20, The Model F that E. In addition to the canvas—to roll out and lay under the wheels to allow the car to traverse the most inhospitable tracts of soft sand—Fetch took along a pick and shovel and log chains to get the car through ruts. The car weighed 2, pounds stripped and almost 3, when laden with equipment. Finally, Fetch thought his chariot should have a name, and since they would initially be following the Southern Pacific tracks, he chose Old Pacific.

Like a dumb fool, I was thinking from the standpoint of publicity, with pictures of the mountains and canyons, but what I sent them into was something terrific. It took the Packard a full month to arrive in Denver.

Story Time: Where to Hear Tales of Days Gone By

But the route, as hoped, provided a plethora of opportunities for publicity. Fetch and M. This is the first time that an automobile has succeeded in crossing the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They would also cross the Rockies; at 11, feet, the Packard set a record for altitude.

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There were no bridges built to accommodate automobiles, so Fetch had to use more than a little creativity to nudge the Packard along the tracks on railroad bridges. He also learned that the appearance of good fortune could be deceiving. The journey was immensely challenging. Extremes of temperature and altitude were exacerbated by bad food, no bathing facilities, fatigue, and a series of impediments that seemed to have been drawn from a Greek saga.

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Fetch and Krarup were called upon to use all the skills they had learned and some that they had not, like road construction. When they finally reached Colorado Springs, Krarup wrote of the terrain they had just traversed.

Tales of Old Highway
Tales of Old Highway
Tales of Old Highway
Tales of Old Highway
Tales of Old Highway
Tales of Old Highway
Tales of Old Highway
Tales of Old Highway
Tales of Old Highway

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