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In practical terms, the rebel youth embrace the mask as protection for themselves against the preying eyes of informers or the Israeli cameras that photograph demonstrators from rooftop outposts in cities and towns. They also feel the need to spare relatives and associates who are not directly involved from the consequences of their acts--interrogation, harassment, sometimes even the demolition of a family home by the authorities. Why should they expose even their relatives to questioning by Israeli interrogators by letting their deeds be viewed publicly?

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There is a story circulating in the West Bank and Gaza that illuminates the double life of activists and their use of masks. A group of masked youths confronted a man over his possession of an Israeli-issued identification card. The youths were collecting and destroying the cards in order to discourage Palestinians from cooperating in any way with the authorities.

The psychological power that a mask confers may be the most compelling reason for the Palestinians to ignore the danger of using it. It is like Clark Kent changing into Superman. It is Ahmed the masked one, part of a group and a movement. The masks also have historical significance for the Palestinians. During revolts against British rule of Palestine in the s, dashing horsemen wearing kaffiyehs around their faces became the romantic symbol of resistance. The authorization from the Israeli government to shoot at anyone masked is only the latest policy adjustment designed to force an end to the intifada while keeping the repression palatable to Israeli society.

During the past year, Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin has issued a series of rulings liberalizing the conditions under which soldiers may open fire, with ammunition that has ranged from live lead-tipped rounds to plastic bullets--really a blend of plastic and metal effective up to 80 yards--to rubber-covered metal balls. There has been little public outcry over the order on mask wearers, which was handed down earlier this month.

Affluent, Educated and Deadly, Terrorist Shock Troops Are Laying Siege to West Germany |

Some observers contend that Israelis, sedated by the endless rhythm of the intifada , no longer pay attention to the daily violence in the West Bank and Gaza. Others contend that the masks themselves, by distancing the person behind the disguise from outsiders, make it easier for Israelis to accept the increasing bloodshed.

Ezrahi pointed out that in the collective memory of recent Israeli history, masks are a particularly powerful symbol of the harm that some Palestinian groups have done to innocent Israelis. Israeli jails now hold 13, Palestinians, including thousands who are detained for periods of up to a year without trial. Towns and villages are placed under curfew for days and even weeks at a time.

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Property is confiscated and phone lines and even water supplies cut in punishment for protests or stone throwing or for not paying taxes. Of all the cities and towns in the West Bank, Nablus is the one closest to a state of full-scale insurgency, albeit one still without weapons to face the M rifles of the Israelis stationed in and around the city. For months, many of the demonstrations and stone throwing took place mainly in the Old City, a rambling quarter of crumbling arches and labyrinthine alleys. But as the army cracked down hard on the neighborhood--soldiers once blew up two houses belonging to the families of rebels who dropped a brick on the head of a soldier and killed him--the action moved to the other end of the steep valley city.

According to an independent count, 20 residents, mostly teen-agers and mostly masked, have been killed in Nablus during the past two months. Israeli human rights groups estimate that more than Nablusis have died in the uprising, meaning more than one in six of the Palestinian fatalities has occurred in this city of , It was in the well-to-do Nablus neighborhood of Rafidia, on Oct.

‘A failed Democrat coup’

The marchers were identified as belonging to the Popular Front. Army spokesmen said they were inciting residents to riot. The boy fell and the soldier approached slowly until he was about 10 yards away. Then he fired three more times. Israeli officials justify the tougher measures by pointing to the increasing incidents of violence by Arabs against Arabs. Nablus, along with the Gaza Strip, has become known as a grim center of such reprisals, against both suspected collaborators and Arabs accused of crimes against morality such as drug trafficking and prostitution.

Last spring, the underground leadership of the uprising gave the green light for assassinations on the grounds that it was necessary to protect rebel organizers in the face of mass roundups and the increasing threat of assassination by soldiers and plainclothes agents. The killings quickly got out of hand.

These crack units, stationed in the U. But the ultimate defense against terrorism, Isham observes, is not commando action but international censure. The killing was a grim reminder, as it was intended to be, of how persistent and elusive the politicians of terror remain. Most were suspected of terrorist crimes long before the Schleyer murder, and they may well surface to kill again. The U. Willy Peter Stoll, 27, helped plan the Buback and Ponto murders and researched the Schleyer abduction.

Since becoming a terrorist in , he has been constantly on the move. Convicted twice on minor charges, Stoll is believed to be armed at all times. Once a nursery school teacher, Inge Viett, 33, is a Baader-Meinhof terrorist gang member suspected of involvement in bank robberies.

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Jailed for the kidnapping of Berlin politician Peter Lorenz, she has twice broken out of prison, the last time in July He has been implicated in the Buback and Ponto murders. She once allegedly built an armed rocket intended for the state prosecutor in Karlsruhe.

Her role in the Schleyer case is uncertain. Accused of being a member of the Baader-Meinhof gang, as well as one of its lawyers, Joerg Lang, 37, is wanted in connection with various crimes. A onetime office clerk from Stuttgart, she has been charged in the Buback and Ponto killings.

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Her husband, now in jail, worked for Croissant. A nurse by training, Adelheid Schulz, 25, specializes in logistical and advance work. She rented the apartments in which the Buback, Ponto and Schleyer crimes were planned. A loyal gang member since , she was jailed for four years on weapons and other charges. Released last February, she quickly rejoined the underground. She allegedly murdered Ponto, an old family friend, herself.

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A Baader-Meinhof gang member since the early s, Juliane Plambeck, 25, is a suspect in the Peter Lorenz kidnapping case and in the murder of Justice Gunter von Drenckmann. She has been in hiding since making a spectacular prison break in July The son of a high-ranking education official, Christian Klar, 25, found his way into terrorism via liberal politics. An effeminate loner, he is implicated in the Buback, Ponto and Schleyer murders and is suspected of killing a Swiss border guard last year.

Shock Troops of Justice Shock Troops of Justice
Shock Troops of Justice Shock Troops of Justice
Shock Troops of Justice Shock Troops of Justice
Shock Troops of Justice Shock Troops of Justice
Shock Troops of Justice Shock Troops of Justice
Shock Troops of Justice Shock Troops of Justice
Shock Troops of Justice Shock Troops of Justice
Shock Troops of Justice Shock Troops of Justice

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