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Once you know what types of psychological tests are available, and best for your business, or more specifically what types of psychological tests for an industrial setting or psychological test for employment are best suited for a small business, choosing the right one will be immeasurably easier. Many local and international companies in both the private and public sector use pre-employment tests, as well as tests within their workforce as well, often a psychological test for employment, such as aptitude and personality tests, says the Institute of Psychometric Coaching.

According to the Institute:. These tests tell employers what they need to know, not just what the job applicant wants to share with them. From an employer's perspective, or from the perspective of a small business owner or manager, a psychological test for employment can help determine whether a job applicant will make a good addition to the company.

Hiring an employee can be an expensive process for a small business, and hiring the wrong employee can be a disaster. Employers also administer these psychological tests to employees who are already part of the company workforce. Miller and Robert L. Lovler in "Foundations of Psychological Testing. A psychological test for employment gives the business owner a chance to determine, as the Institute notes, whether the applicant is a good fit for the company.

Does he have the right temperament or aptitude? Does he have the endurance or mental attitude to do a competent job for the company?

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There are various types of psychological assessments to help answer these questions before a company hires a new employee. A psychological test administered to workers who are already employed at a company helps employers to no only foster better communication among employees but also determine which employees to promote and to what positions, as well as what what teams to place them on.

Knowing the types of workplace assessments available can be a key component in helping a company hire or promote the right employees for their workplace needs and business culture. Often called a pre-employment test, a psychological test for employment is a type of psychological assessment. According to SIOP, all types of psychological tests or all types of psychological tests for an industrial setting boil down to three areas:.

The psychological tests for the workplace may go by various names, and some tests may combine elements from one or more of the above-listed types of tests, but most types of psychological assessments or types of workplace assessments fall into these categories. Previous employers and schools provide useful information. Enquiries should be precise and specific. It can also be systematic procedure for comparing the behavior of two or more persons. A psychological test is standardized instrument designed to measure objectively one or more aspects of a total personality by means of samples of verbal or non-verbal responses, or by means of other behavior.

Purpose of psychological test; personal selection is that individuals differ in their job related abilities and skills and that these skills can be accurately and adequately measured. Tests seek to eliminate the possibility of prejudice on the part of the interviewer or supervisor. Tests may uncover qualifications and talents that would not be detected by interview or by listing of education. Types of psychological tests a Individual and group tasks These are number of tests designed to be administered individually as they enter more deeply into behavior.

They are costly and used to a lesser degree on the skill, sensitivity and friendliness of the test administrator. Group tasks are advantageous in situation that requires the testing of many people. Paper and pencil tests are usually group tests involving written responses. Questions are in printed form and answers are recorded on answer sheet. They measure skill or knowledge, which is acquired as a result of training programme and on the job.

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These tests are useful if the candidates have prior experience of similar jobs. These tests are of two type: i Test of measuring job knowledge — known as trade tests, they are oral tests consisting of a series of questions which are believed to be satisfactorily answered by persons who understand trade occupation ii Work sample tests - these measure the proficiency with which equipment can be handled by candidate by giving him a piece of work.

These tests include; i Mental tests — measures the IQ and enables to know whether a candidate has the mental ability and capacity to deal with new problems. These tests can be of following types; i Objective test — measures neurotic tendencies, self — sufficiency, dominance, submission and self — confidence.

Public Service Commission approval of psychological tests

Used for vocational guidance and are assessed in the form of answer to a well — prepared questionnaire. They include items about many daily activities and object form among which test taken select their preferences. In power test items can be difficult and the person is also given ample amount of time and his score is based upon his ability to answer questions correctly no matter how long it takes.

Objective test try to check the powers of mental ability and reasoning and finds out whether candidate is clear in his mind 7 ahs understood and initialized the concept. In certain areas tests have been made language free which are referred to as non — language tests. It facilitates best behavioral fit between person and the job. Devised by New York based Thomas, international management system in , it can be adapted to suit different companies and employees career aspirations.

It embodies two elements; i Personal profile analysis PPA — which highlights the behavioral characteristics of the applicant. It indicates how the would — be employee sees himself, how he is likely to be perceived by others. Obtained by point questionnaire, which can be completed within 10 minutes, by the applicant.

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It compares the skill sets and behavioral pattern demanded by the job with those of the candidates. Match the people and job to facilitate optimum job satisfaction and maximum productivity. Advantages of psychological testing 1. Improve selection process 2. Provides insights about individual candidates 3. Less susceptible to biased interpretation 4.

Great deal of information gathered in relatively short period of time 5. Measure of the aptitude of the candidate and predict their success.

Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (IQ)

Limitations of psychology testing 1. General mental ability is the best available predictor for job performance and occupational level, better than any other ability, trait or disposition. GMA was first introduced by Spearman in the early s, and later research found that ability is stable over time and does not increase. How does this impact the recruitment process and does it affect psychological testing? Even though personality can, in some instances, predict who will succeed in a job, personality has far less predictive success than GMA.

When analysing determinants of job performance, the major effect of GMA is on the acquisition of job knowledge. And higher levels of job knowledge, of course, results in better job performance. As such, it is a better and more valid predictor of job performance than personality. It can also affect the test results. If a candidate isn't motivated for the job, they will not perform at their best and the results will not yield a true picture of their personality and abilities.

Second, if many complex factors related to job success exist, they can be hard to assess in a test. As discussed earlier, conducting a thorough ' role responsibility' analysis before starting the recruitment process is essential, as it will make the interview and testing process easier. A job analysis can also provide a basis to determine which tests to apply. Some mental ability tests provide better predictions for certain occupations more so than others. Nonetheless, because of several factors related to job success, psychological tests cannot guarantee job performance.

Third, some people experience anxiety during assessments. At one extreme, people can be so nervous that their performance will not reflect their true personality or abilities.

And if someone is motivated to get a job, they can portray a false image of themselves. People are always prone to present themselves in a favourable way and can unintentionally present inaccurate results, though most tests are designed to spot when someone does this. Complementing the test scores with other selection methods is always advised to get a more accurate picture of a candidate.

When performing psychological tests and analysing test results, several factors should be considered. People who use psychological testing in occupational settings should meet all standards of competence required to perform and assess them. Services should never lie outside your scope of competence. At Nigel Wright, all personnel that administer tests are certified, and how we administer, score and interpret tests is aligned with instructions provided by the test provider.

Regarding candidates and feedback, ensuring all test takers are prepared for the test is vital.

Psychological Tests and Interviews Psychological Tests and Interviews
Psychological Tests and Interviews Psychological Tests and Interviews
Psychological Tests and Interviews Psychological Tests and Interviews
Psychological Tests and Interviews Psychological Tests and Interviews
Psychological Tests and Interviews Psychological Tests and Interviews
Psychological Tests and Interviews Psychological Tests and Interviews

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