Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness

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Shoji NakamakiCactus Jack vs. Inade — Burning Flesh. We embark a meditative trip through the gates of death, hear about Greh seeing Inade live and fall into the black water well that is this fantastic tape. Recent listening:S. Chop Shop — Discrete Emissions. Bonus mini episode time. This episode is also timely as Chop Shop will be making a rare live appearance at the Haters 40th anniversary in Oakland this Saturday, August 17th. Steady yourself for the electro suplex of MSBR. Get ready to hit the nighttime streets of Tokyo with perverse pirate radio as your soundtrack.

Topics include entropy, waves, math, professional wrestling, mail art, SRL, noise and so much more. Get out your pencils and Standard Jupitter-Larsen rulers for another invaluable lesson on the history of noise, direct from the source. There are also some new additions to the podcast that include a segment covering recent listens that will kick off each episode, as well as a new member of the on air squad — Research Assistant Tara Connelly.


The trio discuss listening to MB late at night and in the dark, waves of sound heading into oblivion, and oil spreading atmosphere. Turn on a night light and dig in. We cover many classic '90s noise bands from all over the globe, what it was like to put together a comp in the pre-internet age, running a noise label in the 90s, and a ton more.

We get into Canadian noise at the end of the '90s, the unique vision of each project, and the true spirit of the underground. Sorry for the delay, the laptop we record and edit on ceased functioning last week. We're back up and running to bring you this episode!

One last duo session to settle into the new mode, Greh and Mike have been preparing for the Hospital fest in LA and as Junko is performing solo we figured we'd pop on 's "Ferocity of Practical Life" 10" by noise legends Hijokaidan, one of the longest running acts around. We'll be back next week with a guest.

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Bearmann label from Germany. It's a somber affair, dedicated to Richard's friend Kevin Ogg who passed away the year prior. Legend G. Discussion of the sound is dispensed with quickly and G.

Noise from the Rulers of Darkness

Merzcast Collapse 12 Floors. Peter lends some insight into the dawn of the digital era by discussing Merzbow's earliest released computer album with us. Get under a table or stand in a doorframe as we get shook. Merzcast Spiral Honey. What a treat!

This harsh, nasty, buzzing record is met with great elation by the three of us, Connelly makes a compliment faux pas and Philip takes some time to discuss the true benefits of our Patreon. Merzcast Mercurated. Russell gives insight about collaborating with Masami Akita, seeing him live for the first time, and the magic of Japanese-label Merzbow CDs. Merzcast 9: Flare Gun.

Merzcast 8: Amlux. This record takes the three of us different places: Connelly gets locked inside a parking garage, Greh confesses his foolishness regarding posts Merzbow, and Ben comes up with a movie pitch for Die Hard, but in Japan.

Of Hippos and Kings

Merzcast 7: Door Open at 8am. Be forewarned, the three of us LOVE this record and you can certainly tell though maybe not from the photo.

Fuel up the gas-guzzler and settle in for the long haul. This marks a new era for Merzbow, the first of many CDs and the direction we'd see in the '90s.

Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness
Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness
Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness
Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness
Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness
Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness
Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness
Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness
Noise From The Rulers Of Darkness

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