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This gold was in two distinct types of crystal forms, dendritic, and small tetra pyramid shape.

There is a picture of these beautiful gold crystals that was taken by the Colorado School of Mines. This ore was tested by a Major Laboratory. They did not find any gold, but reported finding a mercury mineral of some type, not cinnabar not enough sulfur. They could not identify what the mercury complex was. Read about Cripple Creek, it was stated that there would never be enough gold to fill a thimble mined from this area.

It was around the same time as the Bre-X salting scandal, so easy for people to get them confused. They were floated on the stock market as International Precious Metals and used a halide leach to recover the gold. No idea what happened to them, probably ran out of investor funds to spend. However this is a very narrow area of interest to few analytical chemists.

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I wish this paper is seen by as many analytical chemists as possible. Thanks, DMR Sekhar. Dilute a solid or solution until the concentration of an element is below the detection limit, so nothing shows up, then concentrating it again, with a miraculous appearance of that element.

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No, not that version. I am talking about gold in an ore in a form that dissolves in nitric acid no chloride present and does not settle out after a long time. That solution does not show up any gold using any assay method either. When the same volume of solution is then subjected to a process aimed at normalizing this unusual gold, without adding reagents containing gold, the gold shows up in high numbers.

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The possibility of a fraudulent act of salting must always be considered, as someone could have salted the ore. It is very complicated to convert normal gold to abnormal gold and then to salt an ore in such a way that the salted gold is not detected by any analytical means.

I do not know of anyone who has achieved it, however, I always allow for the possibility. With the way in which I have taken samples, and have done the processing in person on my own, salting by another person has not been possible. It has taken me 6 years of work in this field to say publicly that I am confident there is gold that behaves in a very different way from what we have been taught.

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Van Deventer, University of Melbourne, Australia. I have witnessed tailings from a placer operation that I would pan after a day of concentrating. This was part of my job to check and make sure that our recovery was good with very little loss of gold. When checking these same tails around a 6 to 8 months later will show more free gold when panning. I have worked with many ores that will not fire assay.

What else does this article talk about?

When pretreating these same ores then fire assaying will show very good values. After spending a lot of hard earned money to obtain copies of several patents on treating of complex ores. My family and I picked one patent to try the same day we received all the patents. This method was with the use of a nitrate and a chloride to volatize the gold.

When we checked the sample we found very little gold that was volatized, but when we panned the pulp it showed a lot of free gold. Fire assaying the same head ore will show at the best a trace. We followed up with several more of these roasts that used up the entire 15 five gallon buckets of ore samples with the same results. We wanted to run more test but had to wait for spring to get to the mine site to get more samples. We finally got to the mine April 2nd and cut more samples from the exact same cut in the bank. When we got back to town, we ran a quick tests.

When we panned the sample we could not find a single piece of gold. These results jerked the rug right out from under us. T samples and filled two number 3 wash tubs three fourths of sample tails that did not show one piece of gold. I studied all of the reports and the methods we used to try to find out what the problems was. We save the the pulp from samples we treat so they can be treated before disposal. After three months and several more samples the problem was still not solved. I had a visit with an old friend and he asked for a favor. He asked me to give hime a panning lesson and so I did.

I took a sample from the roast test to pan. I knew that it would not show any gold but would show some heavy black sand and would work for a lesson. To my surprise the sample showed lots of gold and blew my mind. It took several more months to resolve why the gold did not show up after the roast. This problem has to do with sample containers and time. I then constructed a unit to handle around pounds and for safety reasons will try a smaller size sample first. The test showed good results but with major problems because of the problems of the pressure that is created within the roast.

Yes Mr. Van Deventer there is gold that exists in nature that all of our high priced equipment and knowledge will not show. If any highly educated man or woman feels that they have all the answers to this complex world we live in, I am truly very sorry for them. Thanks from a long time miner and assayor. Let us move away from gold for a moment and consider observations in biology. A well known example is that a chicken monitored in a carefully controlled environment produces more calcium than it takes in.

The experimental work in this field has been conducted so carefully, and it has been confirmed by reputable scientists, that the observations per se are not in doubt. What is in doubt is the explanation. Our understanding of physics allows high energy transmutation of elements. In contrast, low energy transmutation of elements has not been confirmed or explained in physics, with the result that any possibility that it may occur in nature is rejected.

The way in which we have been conditioned to think in science is that unless we can explain something, it does not exist. There are plenty such phenomena in nature that are blatantly ignored by science, as we cannot explain it. To do research costs money, and students and postdocs need to get paid, plus rising university overhead costs. In medicine only a few Nobel Laureates at the end of their career have dared to publicly talk about these phenomena, and have been discredited quickly by their peers as no longer of a sound mind. Imagine the probability of obtaining research funds for such work, to get it published, and to get PhD theses passed.

A supervisor will be irresponsible to use PhD students for such research.

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It is no wonder that biological transmutation has not been investigated further. If the anomalous behaviour in biology cannot be explained by low energy transmutation, then at least we should consider alternative explanations. The scientific community is either irresponsible, or in my view too cowardly, to investigate such phenomena.

Returning to abnormal gold: There are well known explanations for significant increases in gold recovery or discrepancies in assays, as discussed in previous posts. What I have been flagging is an order of magnitude increase in precious metals not detected by neutron activation. Is this caused by transmutation, distorted nuclei or rearranged orbitals? We simply do not know, and at this stage I do not care, although it will be beneficial to know what mechanism is at play. Either we say this is fake and cannot happen, hence ignore the problem, like biologists prefer to ignore biological transmutation.

Or we accept that here is a phenomenon that we are not smart enough to explain and do more observations. Ultimately, the physicists will follow. Van Deventer. Anytime I see words like "alchemy" or "transmutation" it immediately throws up red flags.

You would be better served attempting to recover gold from sea water, at least it's there, and can be accumulated, albeit not in quantities or using a process that makes it cost effective, but still, it's there and proven to be so. Leave the fantasies at the door when discussion science, chemistry or just how to recover gold from a complex matrix. I recently worked a material that contained aluminasilicates or "Zeolites" which encapsulated some precious metals inside the structure itself. XRF did not detect it, fire assay could not crack the structure of the zeolite, it might seem unassayable, but the simple fact is that once the zeolite is cracked, it becomes very easy to assay the material.

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What I am curious about is how anyone can claim that there is anything of value, if they cannot assay the material? If you cannot recover any values, why would you believe any values exist?

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And if you can recover values, then you can assay. Organic Chemistry is utterly different from Inorganic Chemistry. But lets talk about your chicken making calcium out of thin air. Chickens use an incredible amount of calcium in the production of eggs, which is also their way of producing offspring. Keep that in mind. If you do not already know so, one of the most powerful forces in the universe is nature. It will do whatever it is required to do survive and propagate. When the human body isn't taking in food, it miraculously is able to generate energy out of thin air, or so it might seem.

However this statement would be ignoring the laws of thermodynamics, and the fact that you cannot create energy out of nothing. Keep this in mind, as well. So as the human body requires energy to continue, even though the human is not consuming anything, the body will start to consume it's reserves. After that it's own muscles.

And if it is a woman, and pregnant, it will start to consume other things just to keep the developing baby alive.

Invisible Gold In Asia Invisible Gold In Asia
Invisible Gold In Asia Invisible Gold In Asia
Invisible Gold In Asia Invisible Gold In Asia
Invisible Gold In Asia Invisible Gold In Asia
Invisible Gold In Asia Invisible Gold In Asia
Invisible Gold In Asia Invisible Gold In Asia
Invisible Gold In Asia Invisible Gold In Asia
Invisible Gold In Asia Invisible Gold In Asia
Invisible Gold In Asia

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