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By being in tune with nature, we become far more aware of the realm of possibilities. We don't fight nature, we don't wish things were different, we don't force events to happen. Instead of carrying the boat, the boat carries you. We become at one with the world--e.

Supernaturalism : the theological belief that a force or power other than man or nature is ultimate. This supernatural force God regulates both man and nature, making both of them subordinate to it. God as creator. Man is considered to be higher than the rest of nature. Consequent Spiritual Ideals : Supernaturalism.

How human beings should act is largely a matter of knowing and doing God's will. Hence, human beings must transcend themselves and not trust their instincts. No Humanist would ever claim to be God or be happy that supporters of his her views regarded him her as God.

Secular humanism

This is probably true of both Confucius and the Buddha. The latter in particular would be horrified to discover that he has been elevated to divine status and is worshipped by millions in the East. As far as Jesus is concerned, on the other hand, the extracts quoted above suggest that he would have been pleased to achieve such a status. Indeed, we could argue that worship of him as a divinity was precisely what he sought to achieve.

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Humanists believe in individual rights, tolerance, reason, understanding, love and compassion. Did Jesus promote such values? As we have already seen, he was not a great advocate of reason.


So let us consider tolerance. We could say that Jesus showed tolerance to the lepers, the paralytics, the deaf and blind, to Zachaeus the tax collector who was ripping the people off, to his disciples even when they lacked faith, to Peter when he denied him three times, and to the thief on the cross. In John 8 we also read about the woman caught in adultery who was brought to Jesus. He tolerated the woman, but he did not tolerate the sin. In the parable of the Good Samaritan Luke he taught tolerance of difference. Last, but not least, he showed tolerance to those who arrested him, tried him and crucified him.

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  • The people to whom he was intolerant were rival religious leaders and doubters. And, of course, there was also the occasion when he went into the temple and turned over the tables of the moneychangers John 2. What emerges here is a very mixed picture.

    Definition of Humanism

    The Jesus depicted in the Gospels was both tolerant and intolerant, and in this respect he was not much different from the majority of the human race. However, his animosity towards the religious and sceptical elites suggests someone who wanted to make a populist appeal. Jesus was also contradictory on the matter of peace.

    And what are we to make of his attack on family values? He never married or fathered children. Was Jesus concerned with civil and religious liberty? Was he concerned about equality and the rights of women?

    Humanism and Humanity | peamacontdist.ga

    Was he concerned about the spread of science and education? Was he, in short, a social and political reformer? The answer is that the political philosophy of Jesus - if we can give a series of disjointed and contradictory pronouncements such a grandiose title - is not at all progressive, and certainly not Humanist. In no way was this man a socialist, as is sometimes claimed. For a start, he encouraged the beating of slaves. Luke He never denounced slavery and incorporated the master-slave relationship into many of his parables. As for poverty, he certainly seemed to align himself with the poor and oppressed and condemned the rich, who would find more difficulty than a camel going through the eye of a needle in entering heaven.

    But, although he condemned the rich and lived among and preached to the poor, he did nothing or said nothing that could be construed as a coherent policy to alleviate poverty. The essence of the Sermon on the Mount is that the poor, the hungry and the wretched should accept the status quo because they will receive justice eventually in a spiritual dimension beyond this world. As such, the political philosophy of Jesus is a profoundly reactionary message which fails to provide any practical scheme for the good of society.

    Humanist and Christian debate: Can we make sense of evil without God?

    Jesus is saying that religion is a drug. Abortion is just cleansing the body of a bunch of random cells up until the delivery date. Islam unlike Christianity is a religion of peace. Obama was a scandal free president. Trump was elected by Russia. Only men lie. Deciding to be the opposite sex makes it true. Paying reparations to black people today will make up the slavery that ended in Call me crazy, but anyone who believes and votes for any of these provably false things is much more deluded and immoral than the most fundamentalist Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or Muslim.

    You are confusing secular humanists with radical leftists. Also, some of the propositions you put forward may have some degree of truth to them. For example, to say Trump was elected by Russia appears to be an exaggeration, and yet it is clear that Russia played a role in the election. The views you ascribe to secular humanists are as a practical matter inimical to some of the basic tenets of secular humanism not least the idea that all ideologies; and it follows implicitly all propositions, should be carefully examined and not just accepted or rejected on faith.

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    • Yours is a testable hypothesis. I await the evidence. The real issue, as I think you and the author suggest, is really the conflict of factions, be they religious or secular. The secular humanist faction would grant itself supraconstitutional rights while limiting rights of religious factions.

      Most with some slight variation are held by most of the announced Democrat candidates for president in Almost all of them also state that Trump is evil Russian stooge, and that Western culture is something we should apologize for, that all women must be believed unless they accuse a Democrat , rape culture is rampant on campus, and most support black reparations. But I doubt it. You went from secular humanists to the Democratic party.

      It is true that party is moving dangerously left, especially the Presidential candidates where Mayor Pete appears to be the only one not totally drunk on SJW koolaid. The problem is the moderates who know it is nonsense are too scared to speak out. Are the Correct secular humanists? Their religion now has a quite well developed supernatural structure, including such invisible demons as The Patriarchy and such original sins as Whiteness. It has a world-story that seems to be commonly referred to as The Grand Narrative which inter alia is a manichaean story of the eternal conflict between good Victims and bad Oppressors.

      It has taboos, saints, martyrs, and so on. As the author points out regarding its moral code, the supernatural structure of Correctness is not written down in one official holy book, but the woke all know it by heart. As to matters of fact, the Correct completely ignore science when science contradicts their doctrines.

      So it would seem to me that Correctness counts as a religion by even a strict definition. It is in fact our state religion, and one can see that by the fact that virtually all our politicians pretend to be communicants even if they are really doubters. Thus Mr. Yang says that he believes that no negro fails for any reason other than Oppression, but is that what he really believes? As I argued in my response to E. Olson below, many prominent Humanists have condemned political correctness.

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      Secular Humanism promotes science, reason, free speech, and other Enlightenment principles. Humanists are far closer to classical liberals than Regressive Leftists. But if not Humanists, what other box would you put them in? I yield the point. We have a melding of religions! This argument depends on the fallacious conflation of matters of fact and matters of opinion. The first meaning of this statement is that religious people and secular humanists have opinions about morality, a largely subjective subject. The second meaning is that religious people and secular humanists have faith-based beliefs about matters of fact, which is largely objective.

      The first meaning is obviously true, but irrelevant; yes, everyone thinks things about what is right and what is wrong. The second meaning is certainly not categorically true: obviously religious people will always have faith-based beliefs about matters of fact, and some secular humanists might, but secular humanism simply does not categorically remove faith, while religion categorically requires it. An even more fundamental error is in the idea that no one questions the moral intuitions of secular people. Professor Staddon seems to think that being a secular humanists get a pass on moral examinations when they seek positions of power.

      GOD The Ultimate Humanist GOD The Ultimate Humanist
      GOD The Ultimate Humanist GOD The Ultimate Humanist
      GOD The Ultimate Humanist GOD The Ultimate Humanist
      GOD The Ultimate Humanist GOD The Ultimate Humanist
      GOD The Ultimate Humanist GOD The Ultimate Humanist
      GOD The Ultimate Humanist GOD The Ultimate Humanist
      GOD The Ultimate Humanist GOD The Ultimate Humanist

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