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Will you be next? Mary is said to still walk the Chicago streets since her death in Are the stories of these encounters true? And did she burn her handprints into the gate of Resurrection Cemetery? Does the infamous bankrobber still retrace his final steps in the alley where he met his death? Do the vanquished settlers still roam here, on the eerie streets of early Chicago? What secrets and troubles does this looming structure hold?

Loop ghost tours are a dime a dozen, but only we take you through the storied River North district. You may be surprised at what you find on this one of a kind expedition. Venture outside our classic Chicago haunted tours and take an extended trip for a few hours, a full day, or a weekend. This extended, six hour tour includes lunch at an historic, haunted roadhouse cash bar. This extended tour includes appetizer spread at a haunted roadhouse across from fabled Resurrection Cemetery.

Meets in Long Grove and includes lunch at a haunted pub. Their studies of over hundred years of Chicago history and mystery will engage and fascinate you, no matter which tour you choose. Our passion for the dark side of Chicago shows in every tour we host. See why so many have recognized what we do and why our tours and guides have been featured on:.

This 2. Bring your cameras and recorders. Evidence has been captured by many!

Departs from the storied Congress Plaza Hotel, S. Michigan Avenue, across from Buckingham Fountain. This is the tour you have heard about: for 18 years running, the number one Chicago ghost tour and haunted Chicago tour! Then, travel through the neighborhood to the site of the St.

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Departs the Chicago History Museum, N. Clark Street. The Devil in the White City Tour. Michigan Ave. Naperville Hauntings Ghost Walks. This 6-hour coach tour with stops takes you to the darkest places in Chicago history, from the hunting grounds of killers like John Wayne Gacy to the site of the infamous Murder Castle of H.

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From ground zero of the Speck mass murders to the site the St. Departs from the Congress Plaza Hotel, S. Welcome to Player FM! Take it with you.

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    Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1) Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1)
    Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1) Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1)
    Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1) Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1)
    Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1) Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1)
    Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1) Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1)
    Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1) Ghosts Of Lovers Past (Ghosts, Inc. Book 1)

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