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Who Was Edgar Allan Poe?

He later recalled being furious on Allan for not providing enough funds for his university fee. In , when he was just eighteen, Poe published his first book Tamerlane. In Poe moved in with his aunt Maria Clemm in Baltimore. There he got engaged and later married his cousin Virginia Eliza Clemm.

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In , Poe started publishing his short stories and poems through Baltimore Saturday Visiter. The year marked a formal start of his career when he joined Southern Literary Messenger as an editor and contributor. Within a year Poe gained wide recognition through his stories and mocking book reviews. He gained reputation of a critic who fearlessly attacked not just the writing but also openly criticized the author.

In Poe moved to New York and then to Philadelphia in He continued to make contributions in different journals. In spite of his growing success and fame Poe would always find himself in the middle of financial crises though later he became recognized as the cause of higher wages of writers. By now Poe was able to attract large crowds to his lectures and was in position to demand better pay for his work. He also published two books the same year. Get A Copy.

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To ask other readers questions about Edgar Allan Poe , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 26, Anastacia rated it it was amazing Shelves: , history , non-fiction. I don't write many reviews, as I don't write them well. I find it difficult to describe how I feel about a work of creativity -- for me it's like describing what water tastes like. I don't really enjoy putting those feelings and stirrings into actual words, anyway. I write this in defense of what I feel are some unfair comments that I feel misrepresent the book.

If you're ever in the mood to read a page biography of Edgar Allan Poe, by God, read this book.

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I read this by accident; reading on I don't write many reviews, as I don't write them well. I read this by accident; reading on a Kindle offers both a blessing and curse of not being as able to judge a book by its cover. Or, in this case, its heft. If I knew, I don't think I would have bought it in the first place. By and large as a voracious reader, I am loathe to make such a commitment. I want something new; I need instant literary gratification.

I am happy I didn't realize its length until much later or I'd have missed a tremendous opportunity to dig in to Quinn's meticulously researched presentment of the "true" life of one of history's finest minds. I object to comments that suggest that Quinn merely worked to discredit every slander against Poe.

Quinn adroitly examines Poe's life and writings and while it is clear he deeply admired the man, there is no hesitation by Quinn to point out Poe's faults and weaknesses. In my mind, it is a stunning offering of judiciousness and integrity in a sea of cheap recitation of supposed scandal and ill-repute. This is one of the strongest arguments for reading it at all; Quinn had to know the length of his book would not work to his favor, and yet he exhaustively pursued facts to great lengths.

These truths are indeed far less exciting to contemptuous minds, but he reported the life of Poe with conviction. I don't see him trying to prove the rumors false because of sheer idolatry, I see this as the work of a true scholarly historian: one who struggles to tell the TRUE story.

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He is tender but fair. It is certainly true that Quinn spends an awful lot of time on tedious details, the most unfortunate of which is the book's own beginning. It's a shame, because so many readers myself included will grow impatient and will shelve the book out of complete boredom.

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  6. I purchased the book several months ago and did just that; it was only because I had nothing else to read that I gave it another chance. There is such a thing as too many details, and here Quinn fails.

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    For those who can get through the beginning, I think it's an extraordinary read. I respectfully disagree that one must be "hyper-literate" to understand Quinn's writing. I cannot help but note the irony of a complaint of "flowery" and "hyper-literate" language in a page biography of Edgar Allan Poe, a literary legend. I'm at a loss for words to defend such a complaint, but it made my day.

    Oh, irony! Is there anything you can't do? It's also a lesson to all of us that words and insults are powerful and the wounds they cause may never heal. Poe wasn't a perfect man, but who among us are? What's remembered of him is sadly tinged with baseless slander, and that's a damn shame because there is so much more to him than I would have ever known had I not read this book.

    It's not for everyone, but it's truly amazing in its humanness. In this regard, it is probably the best biography I have ever read, and I think history is better for Quinn's conviction and integrity. For the reader on the fence, know that the end comes quicker than expected. Unfortunately the same can be said of Poe's own end, no zing intended. Dec 07, Katie McVay rated it it was amazing. Want to know Mr.

    Poe intimately? Read this book. But don't expect to get it done this decade. And it tends to use flowery language that only the hyper-literate can understand. I had to go back and re-read some passages several times to figure out what the biographer was trying to say. The book seamlessly combines a chronological account of Poe's personal and professional life with tidb Want to know Mr.

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    The book seamlessly combines a chronological account of Poe's personal and professional life with tidbits of letters, photos, and personal correspondence that reveal the fragile, sensitive, self-possessed, bitter, tender, arrogant, artistic genius that Poe was. Biographer Quinn spent years studying the man, went to great lengths to acquire even the most seemingly inane artifacts accounting ledgers from Poe's stint at West Point , and leaves no detail unrevealed in his quest to cut to the heart of his subject.

    I started this book six months ago and hope I never finish it. It's utterly fascinating and frustratingly good. Feb 19, Meg Elison rated it really liked it Shelves: academic. Unnecessarily defensive of the writer, but drawn heavily from primary sources and well-knitted together. Nov 28, Lilah rated it really liked it. An excellent compilation of material on Poe's life. Probably the best biography written on him for its lack of a narrative approach.

    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)
    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)
    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)
    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)
    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)
    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)
    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)
    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)
    Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives) Edgar Allan Poe (Critical Lives)

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