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Provision of solar energy sources to critical WASH facilities located in vulnerable and underserved communities in the Southern area of the Gaza Strip. Providing first aid and postoperative care to injured participating in March of return.

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Providing Equitable and safe access to maintain resilience of vulnerable students in Area C in south Nablus and Hebron. MHPSS and reintegration interventions to mitigate the negative impacts of detention to survivors of political violence, especially Palestinian ex-detainee children and youth and their families in East Jerusalem. Psychosocial Support to mitigate the negative impacts of detention on children and their families and to increase their social wellbeing in Southern West Bank.

Emergency response for protection and psycho-social needs of injured individuals and families of injured or killed people in the demonstrations at the fence in Gaza, Khanyounis and North Governorates. Provision of life saving drugs and disposables to respond to the emergency medical needs in Gaza.

Deploying specialist EMTs and their needed equipment into Gaza hospitals to treat the recently wounded patients. Please try again later. Date of publication:. Publication type:. External link:.

Topic s :. Standard 5: Child Protection Information Management. Quality Response Standards. Information and Communication Technologies. Since , over 4. More than 2. What happens when people are forced to abandon their land, homes, jobs and schools due to a civil war? Angelina is 35 years old and has three children. She is from Padeah, a small village in the northern region of Unity State. This area is one of the worst-affected by conflict since civil war broke out in December between the Government and opposition forces.

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Warring parties have deliberately attacked civilians living in the area, killing thousands of people and sexually assaulting women and girls. Attackers set houses on fire in Padeah and destroyed crops and mango trees to eliminate all food sources. Angelina decides to leave Padeah in July She and her children walk kilometers to a camp in the north.

The journey takes about one week and is filled with danger. Abductions are common, and rape is pervasive everywhere in the country.

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  2. Joint statement by the Principals of FAO, WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP and UN OCHA.
  3. United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) » ngomonitor.
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The family has to avoid stepping on unexploded ordinance, and face the risk of being abducted or raped. The family arrives in Bentiu, the location of the UN Protection of Civilians site, but Angelina realizes they are still not safe.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Women there tell her that many of them have been raped when leaving the camp to collect firewood, and some of them have been abducted just outside the gates. Sometimes families are requested to provide ransoms to kidnappers to get their daughters back.

There are also reports of women being held captive and used as sex slaves. Angelina and her children stay in the camp for several months but there is no chance of settling in the nearby village.

Children of Ocha Children of Ocha
Children of Ocha Children of Ocha
Children of Ocha Children of Ocha
Children of Ocha Children of Ocha
Children of Ocha Children of Ocha
Children of Ocha Children of Ocha
Children of Ocha Children of Ocha

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