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Went to Stephen a number of years ago for hypnosis and decided to go back more recently and try the Havening technique. I cannot put in words how powerful this technique is, it was like years of what would be painful slow therapy dealt with in one visit. I can completely resolve most psychological, emotional and behavioural problems in one to three sessions. Stephen Travers is one of only a handful of International Havening Techniques Practitioners that has earned this prestigious position of Trainer. Havening in combination with hypnosis is one of the most powerful healing tools available today.

It is my privilege to work side by side with such a skilled healer and leader in this emerging field. Stephen Travers is a natural therapist with an abundance of skills. He can successfully treat smoking, slimming, drinking, addictions, phobias, confidence issues, fears and compulsions, depression, blushing, insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety and other psychosomatic symptoms. Joe Keaney D. Psych, D.

Very informative beginning, it does get a bit repetitive soon enough, but you cannot really blame that on the author, who's simply following the procedure for each client, bringing only the necessary adjustments. May 13, Alan added it Shelves: pdf. Marcia added it Oct 31, Julie Parker marked it as to-read Oct 31, Mark Moon marked it as to-read May 11, Tess marked it as to-read Jun 26, Somnulence Logencia marked it as to-read Feb 09, Carlos Vallejo is currently reading it Feb 10, Alan marked it as to-read Nov 23, Olivia marked it as to-read Jun 27, Neill Havers marked it as to-read Jul 16, Daniel Cojocaru marked it as to-read Dec 20, David Hinton is currently reading it Dec 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Treatment of anxiety disorders

Assen Alladin. Books by Assen Alladin. Whilst giving the external impression of being confident, inside she was experiencing anxiety about letting people down, and had become aware that she was starting to self-sabotage things she know she could do, along with sabotaging her relationship also. Largely due to all of these emotions, Emily experienced a sick feeling in her stomach a large percentage of the time and was also experiencing problems with weight control.

As is typical with anxiety, things had escalated over time and she had experienced her first panic attack which was the catalyst to get some help. Here is her story in her own words. I have my confidence back which has enabled me to seek out a dance class that I have now joined, something I never thought I would be able to do as an adult.

Anxiety & Depression Relief - Hypnosis Session - By Thomas Hall

My relationship with my husband has also significantly improved as I have been able to be more considerate of his feelings which in turn brings out a more positive side to him too. The mind is such a powerful resource that when it is not functioning at its best, the ripples spread out through the body. I asked Emily if there was anything about hypnotherapy that surprised her. Many people are very wary of this and have developed misperceptions of hypnosis from seeing stage shows.

Integrating Clinical Hypnosis and CBT

Plus the added bonus of forging a new friendship. Debbie has an incredibly demanding role in a high pressure environment. In her work role she is strong, and confident when working with her clients, but struggled when it came to the managerial element of her role and she had been avoiding opportunities for promotion. Once she left her pace of work, low self esteem prevailed and her main reason for contacting me was due to anxiety around driving which was escalating and she had started to experience panic attacks and realised she was starting to avoid going out to certain places.

From Dracula to Integration: My Personal Journey with Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This is often related to people who wear uniforms — their uniform provides a confidence but when you take it off, you literally take the confidence away too! This is also quite common and I often refer to some of my clients as onions! Layers build up over time and the one at the top becomes the dominant. She felt more relaxed and had taken action on a legal matter that had been weighing her down for a long time.

She was driving — and enjoying it! Even driving at night which was one of the things she had started to avoid. I even think I am standing taller! I am less anxious, more confident and fell big smiles inside! I have always felt uncomfortable giving presentations. In my early to mid twenties, I had to regularly present various topics to my colleagues at work. I found this very stressful.

The idea of being out of control and to be forced to present to a room full of people triggered panic attacks in me. Over time, these attacks got worse. I started to feel anxious in a whole range of public situations, for example bumping into someone unexpectedly in the street used to be an ordeal.

I would instantly panic and be unable to speak.

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About 5 years ago, I decided to do something about it. She explained what NLP could do for someone like me and I gave it a go.

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I met with Caroline about 6 times. We focused on my anxiety and explored what made me feel out of control. I found the course fascinating. I was taught techniques to focus on how to remain in control, and we explored memories, new and old, and analyzed what they meant. I did not feel a sudden change in how I responded to presentations and similar such situations.

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However, over time my concerns seemed to just die away. I have since started a business venture and employ over 30 staff; as such I have to regularly chair company meetings, presenting our vision and managing group discussions. I no longer find this challenging and it no longer triggers panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety | Hypnotherapy | Preston | Penwortham

When I think back to how I was 5 years, ago, it seems like looking at a different person. As much as anything I realized a bit of nerves is perfectly normal, and as a result I no longer panic when I feel nervous! Paul lives a very stressful life and this, combined with shift work, effected his ability to relax and sleep. He came to Adding Zest without a specific goal in mind but was interested in learning how to relax more. In his words I approached it with an open mind but I must say it was a far more beneficial experience than I could have imagined.

At all times I was talked through and reassured by Caroline. It was a completely relaxing experience and after one session the issue I had been living with was substantially better. On top of that I felt more relaxed in my everyday life too. I have and will recommend adding zest to friends and colleagues in fact I have introduced a friend who also has had a great experience with hypnotherapy. Adding Zest surroundings are very calming and put you at ease from the moment you get to your appointment.

I personally have had more than one session and had significant improvements each time. In my experience depression and anxiety often go hand in hand as one condition leads to the other. This was the case with Jennifer who was feeling depressed because many elements of her life were not panning out the way she anticipated and that was leading to an anxiety about what her future would be; and the two led to a downward spiral. She found herself in her mid thirties, having had a series of short-term relationships and desperately wanting to be a mother.

Sometimes the work I do with clients can be likened to them being onions — as you cut through a layer, you find another one below.

Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety
Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety
Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety
Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety
Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety
Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety
Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety
Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety Chap: Hypnotherapy And Anxiety

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