101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot!

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Reports vary, but they all say it is at least pounds.

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It runs approximately 40 miles per hour. It is extremely agile, quiet, and curious but suspicious at the same time. Its eyes will sometimes glow red or yellow.

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In , two Bigfoot hunters caught on video a large, ape-like creature in Northern California near the Oregon border. For 16 seconds of shaky film, you can watch Bigfoot walk on two legs through a sandy creek bed, swinging its arms with each big stride it takes before disappearing into the dense forest. Doubters say the film captures nothing more than a man in an ape suit walking through the woods, but some experts in anatomy and motion say there is no way a man in a suit could pull off the locomotive nuances captured on film.

To this day, the 16 seconds of film have never been definitively discredited, though many have tried. Some say Bigfoot is the missing link, a distant cousin of man on the evolutionary tree. Others say the creatures are simply an undiscovered species of ape. The majority of mainstream scientists refuse to entertain either theory. Dranginis rolls onto the scene with an infrared digital video recorder, night vision goggles, and the holy grail of Sasquatch hunting: a thermal camera, which translates the landscape into varying heat signatures. The trees and bushes become ghost-white, while humans and animals become shapes of red, orange, and yellow.

The price tag of all this high tech equipment? For his day job, he works for Northrup Grumman modifying video security systems for the Department of Defense.

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Case in point: Dranginis has invented a remote camera system called the Eyegotcha that puts off no ultraviolet light or ultrasonic sound. It is the first camera system of its kind, and he hopes that it will be the key ingredient in catching these creatures on film, a feat that has not been accomplished since the original Bigfoot footage in —at least, not to a degree that would satisfy skeptics. They know the cameras are there, and they avoid them. Hundreds of people search for Bigfoot on a regular basis—there are active research groups in all 50 states—but none use the sort of high-tech equipment that Dranginis and his cohorts carry.

For several years, Dranginis drove around Virginia and West Virginia in a converted RV stocked with the latest digital video and thermal imaging equipment available.

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    • After all, if you can believe in women and men with wings who live in "heaven," and omnipotent beings who rule the universe while still noticing every move you make, then why not a species of large, furry creatures that has cunningly avoided discovery by science? The possibilities are endless. What if Bigfoot is a female? There must be Bigfoot females if there are any at all. Bigphootine in the oversized bathtub, shaving her legs. Finally I can let the pets out again! Seriously, I'm following the story so I can watch these guys go to jail — will you please be there when this happens?

      Funny how they claim to have found a body in Georgia but waited to report it thousands of miles away. What laws did they break?

      101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot! 101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot!
      101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot! 101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot!
      101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot! 101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot!
      101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot! 101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot!
      101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot! 101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot!
      101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot! 101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot!
      101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot! 101 Funny Facts About Bigfoot!

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